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Wine and Cheese Tasting Cruise:

Circumnavigate Manhattan in elegance and style!!

Since 2007, Classic Harbor Line has hosted dozens of wine tasting events with their wildly popular food and wine expert, Wendy Crispell.  Each season features a new series of tastings aboard the Manhattan that alters between different countries, trends and themes.  Our wine tastings can be included in private charters or guests can buy tickets for one of our many scheduled tastings open to the public.  The themed tastings are not only incredibly informative, but highly entertaining.  All of our boats lend themselves well to wine tasting in comfort and style.  It's a great way to add a layer of elegance to your special cruise in New York Harbor!  Check out Wendy on ehow!

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Wine Tastings aboard the Yacht Manhattan

Wine & Cheese Workshops: Find Your Place in the Glass!

Each week wines are carefully selected from small family run or boutique producers to express the terroir of the region being represented. Years of experience, education and constant tasting help to select wines of exceptional value, quality and taste. Cheeses are ONLY artisan or farmstead cheeses sourced from NYC’s finest shops or small local dairies. Led by NYC wine pro Wendy Crispell (a certified wine and cheese educator) our wildly popular Wine and Cheese cruise has been featured in Wine Spectator, Time Out NY, Edible Manhattan, Gastronomista, Pasta’s Kitchen, Two plus Two review and The New York Post.

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March 15th: See, Smell, Swirl, Touch, Taste. 

Wine 102, Secrets of a Wine and Cheese Professional

Using a mix of European and new world wine and cheese you’ll learn how to taste, evaluate and describe the flavors in your glass and on your plate. All of your senses will be stimulated as we work through a number of different aromas, textures, visual aids and labels provided to help you on your wine and cheese journey. Discover if your tastes bend toward the old world, new world or somewhere in between. You’ll leave with a new skill set and the ability to be confident on your next adventure to the wine or cheese shop! 

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April 26th: Perfect Pairings and out of the box accoutrements.  Tips and exotic to pimp up your cheese & wine pairing and why they work!

The world of wine and food pairing was much simpler before there were so many choices in cuisine, condiments, spices and exotic ingredients available. Thinking out of the box by adding an unusual accoutrement can turn a great pairing into a culinary wonder. Using different drizzles, spicy relish, infused syrups you’ll learn how to knock your next wine and cheese pairing out of the park, into a new dimension. Recipes included!

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May 10th: Girls Rock! Women wine & cheesemakers in celebration of Mother's Day!

Wines and cheeses from ladies you need to know about! - Hear the legends, tales and facts about women’s roles in the history of wine and cheesemaking. Taste the wines and cheeses crafted with love by ladies in the USA, France, Italy and Spain. 

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June 14th: France without fear.  A delightfully stinky adventure in Wine & Cheese. 

Did you know France is the home of the big six in wine and cheese? Learn the origins of Pinot Noir, Cabernet, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Camembert, Chevre, Brie and more. Figure out how to tell what's in your glass by deciphering the label.  Discover why some of the cheese of France are shown to be a healthy part of your diet.  France is the benchmark for learning about wine and cheese.  Sail away on a delightfully stinky adventure into the history of wineand cheese. 

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June 28th: Greece, White & Red Win and Cheese from the Mediterranean!  

Greece is chockfull of interesting grapes, traditions and delicious flavor. The unique soils and climate produce stellar whites and reds with lush fruit and mineral notes. The cheeses of Greece are just the tickets to serve in the summer. Learn how to make farmstead cheese marinated with olive oil, herbs and tomato. Taste the favorite cheese of last season, a crispy, grilled wonder that has a flavor like none other!

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July 12th: Blazing Sunsets!  Red Wine perfect for Summer Sipping paired with cheese & chocolate.  

Wines from Sicily, The Jura region of France, USA and beyond will be served. There’s no reason to stop drinking reds in the summer! Many serious red wines are actually meant to have a bit of a chill. Discover the taste, flavor profiles and reasoning behind these wine wonders and pair them perfectly with artisan cheese or chocolate. Your palate will be singing with culinary synergy!

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July 26th: White Nights, Tasty Tongue Twisting Tipples paired with Cheesy Tapas. World wide whites and rose for Summer Scorchers

Wines from Hungary, Lebanon, The Balkans, Slovenia and beyond will be served. Discover the world of exotic flavor, unpronounceable taste and grapes indigenous to faraway lands. Whether their crisp and refreshing, juicy yet bone dry or lush and lengthy these food friendly finds are fabulous! Pairing will include light, cheese inspired tapas to complement each wine. Recipes included! 

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August 9th:  New Zealand, Lush Green land of Red and White Wines and the local USA cheeses that love them.

New Zealand’s cool climate and unique techniques in winemaking have caused more than one wine professional take a second look. Delicious Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc and other delights from the North and South Island will be featured. A selection of local artisan cheeses including fresh chevre infused with local herbs, Hudson Valley cheddar, NYS Camembert and an American Cantal will be paired perfectly.

 Buy Tickets for this Event (November 15th & November 16th)

August 23rd: Organically Yours, Farm to Table wine and cheese.

What defines the term “Farm winery”? Just what is entailed in organic, biodynamic and sustainable farming? Is there a significant difference in taste and quality? Is a wine that states “Made from organically grown grapes” really organic? What about organic cheese? How is it aged? Why isn’t raw milk allowed for the production of younger cheeses? All this and more will be discussed in this farm to table focused tasting. A special farm market jam will also be featured, recipe included!

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September 13th: Portugal, It's a treasure trove of delicious wines and cheeses!

Portugal is full of amazingly delicious red, white, sparkling and fortified wine. Famous for Port, cork production and one of the most successful wine marketing plans ever Portugal is moving into the future with modern techniques and flavor. Its cheese is also gaining a cult following with curd nerds everywhere. Learn about the grapes, styles, rennets, aging methods, regions and culture of Portugal. Swirl, sip, savor the amazing flavors and go home with a recipe for Wendy's famous tomato jam (a traditional Iberian treat). 

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September 27th: For a Gouda time call, Chile and Argentina!

Chile and Argentina are home to fabulous and food friendly reds and whites! They may not have any indigenous grapes but vintners from Spain, France, Italy and the USA have banned together to set up second homes there. Find out why these bold beauties are gaining favor the world over! Pair these wines with a stellar selection of Gouda cheeses, aged from 6 months to 5 years! Discover why Gouda in all of its glory pairs perfectly with these sexy, full bodied, bodacious wines. These are no red waxed supermarket cheese’s, there are the real deal in deliciously addictive flavor!

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October 11th: Oktoberfest! Austria and Germany, Red and White Wines with Germanic cheeses and treats! 

Fall in love with the flavors, aromas and taste of Riesling, St. Laurent, Blaufrankisch, Zweigelt and Sekt! Learn the terms to help you determine the taste and style of these wines. Discover the traditions, regions and modern advances in each country. Savor the amazing, stinky, aged wonders in the cheese world of Germany and Austria. NYC’s wildly popular “Summer of Riesling” may be over but these wine and cheese combinations are the perfect way to celebrate the flavors of Fall! Go home with a recipe for Wendy’s delicious Liptauer cheese!

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October 25th: Spain and the Iberian Peninsula, From Rioja to Rueda and beyond with sinfully satisfying cheeses, jams and drizzles!

Immerse yourself in the culture of Spain! Sail away to a faraway place using sight, sound, smell and taste. Explore the culture, tradition, grapes, regions, cheese styles and tapas tradition of Spain. Learn about ancient traditions and modern advances in the world of Spanish wine. Taste the refreshing whites and rich reds, aged wines and finish with a luscious sherry! An interesting selection of cave aged cheeses will be paired perfectly. Go home with ideas for creative tapas and a special jam recipe!

• Buy Tickets for this Event (October 25th)

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